Lock-A-Willy Chastity Belt now available at Eropartner

The Lock-a-Willy, which is now available at Eropartner, is a mild variation on the old chastity belt for the man. The material is made of soft silicone which makes it comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Because the penis is locked up, it is not possible to have sex or to masturbate, however peeing and showering is possible, and because the Lock-a-Willy is made of supple material, it is also hygienic. Because the material is soft, men can also cycle with the Lock-a-Willy, which is not possible with metal chastity belts. This allows men to continue doing your daily activities, without anyone noticing that they are wearing a chastity belt.

The Lock-a-Willy was made with a nod to the original chastity belt that used to be worn so that the man or woman could not have sex. When people cannot have sex for a while they build up the tension and the discharge is all the more intense. The chastity belt of the past was also used to prevent adultery. If the man or woman was traveling with a chastity belt, sex was not possible.

There is a metal coloured combination lock and 6 plastic clasps that can be cut if the period of abstinence is over. To make it even more fun, men can also have their partner set the number code so that they are completely delivered to the wishes and desires of their partner. The withhold of sexual activities and orgasm ensure that the intensity is built up. The adjustable kit comes with 3 rings making it comfortable fit for everyone. Lock-a-Willy is now available at Eropartner Distribution.