Lovense and Calvista Australia sign exclusive distribution partnership

Lovense have partnered with Calvista Australia exclusively to distribute their entire line of teledildonic sex toys in Australia and New Zealand. Calvista will commence distribution with Lovense from 1 October 2020 and stocks the entire product line that includes Lush, Lush 2, Nora, Max 2, Hush, Ambi, Edge, Domi 2 and Osci 2. Lovense is one of the fastest-growing, consumer technology companies in the sexual wellness space and manages a portfolio of award-winning consumer products, including hardware and software solutions including robotics, VR and haptic technology. “We have a lot of interest for our products and we felt Calvista was the perfect partner for us for the Australia and New Zealand markets. We’re confident that our brand is in the right hands and we’ll grow from strength to strength in this very important region for us” says Lovense’s CEO, Mr. Dan Liu. “All involved are extremely excited with the exclusive partnership, as the new arrangement will drive growth for the Lovense brand in Australia and New Zealand” says Calvista’s General Manager, Mr. Roger Sheldon-Collins. “Lovense continues to innovate and develop pleasure products that not only provide an amazing sensation, but is the market leader in Long Distance Interactivity”. Mr. Sheldon-Collins adds,“Calvista has always wanted to partner with Lovense and we foresee an exciting and long-term relationship”.