Lovers’ Dream arrives in the European and Australian markets

The couples vibrator the Lovers’ Dream from Blue Dreams Global is a product made for mutual stimulation. It is a dual function sexual aid device with two internal vibrators and one external or internal if used for anal play. To use it, the product is lubricated and inserted into the Woman before intercourse. The male partner will be able to enter her along the grooved side. For him, she will be tighter and because of the bulb she will also be shallower and when he passes over the bulb it can also increase pleasure for him while she can experience a fuller and deeper sensation. The Lovers’ Dream can also be used for solo play.

The Lovers Dream will be shipping on the 21 of Dec to Orion, SCALA Playhouse and S&T Rubber for the European markets and Lonbrook for the Australian market. Blue Dreams Global Inc. will be shipping the Lovers Dream to the US in January. For more information please see