Masturbator-Bluetooth-Speaker combo “Memphis” now available at Eropartner

Luxelux have presented a Bluetooth-speaker masturbator called Memphis. On the one hand it is a Bluetooth speaker on the other hand, it’s a male masturbator. The device is now available at Eropartner.

Memphis is a product from the Libertine men’s selection of toys in Luxeluv’s Destinations range. “This adult toy is rock ‘n’ rolls ‘no f**ks given’ attitude perfectly packaged for plenty of ‘em,” Eropartner said in a press release.

The hygienic and fully washable real-feel vaginal sleeve attaches to a small-yet-powerful vibrator to deliver sensations that resonate with whatever the customer is listening to.
Memphis by Luxeluv could also be a gift for bachelor parties, boyfriends or just that dude you know who literally has everything except, probably, a speaker you can jack off into.