Maximum up-sell appeal with Happy Diva’s Grab & Go Display

Did you know that Happy Diva, the newest brand in SCALA’s drugstore and intimate care line-up, offers an eye-catching Grab & Go Counter Display? This display is the perfect way to introduce consumers to this young, dynamic, and trendy brand – and help you to maximize Happy Diva’s upsell potential. The Happy Diva Grab & Go Counter Display includes a fantastic selection of the brand’s products, all suitable for individual sale. The display can be placed on your counter, or at any in-store product presentation, and offers consumers an instant overview of everything Happy Diva has to offer. The display includes Taste Me! Flavored lubricants, Spice Me Up! Stimulation Gel, Lube Me Up! Water-Based Lubricant + Lube Me Up! Silicone Based Lubricant, Dare Me! Anal Relax, Veg Me Up! 100% Natural Lubricant, and Happy Diva’s popular Aloe Vera After Sex Gel.