More lingerie designs by Allure now at SCALA

SCALA now stocks more than 50 new designs by Allure. These new arrivals span various categories, including the regular, plus-size and male collections.

Allure has had a good year with the release of dozens of designs and new collections. The newest arrivals in the Allure assortment at SCALA include designs in regular sizing, plus-sizing and male collection. Outfits are made of premium fabrics like faux-leather and mesh, with figure-flattering fits to flatter and enhance curves.

SCALA spoke to George Makar – the founder of Allure – about the brand’s future: “As we head into 2018, we’re already at work expanding our provocative, head-turning Faux Leather collection. In addition, some of our collections will be exploring the ‘forbidden fruit’ lingerie trend, with sexy silhouettes and risqué styles that show off lots of skin. We’ll continue to balance edgier materials with delicate laces and netting and keep pushing the boundaries of our lingerie collections.”