Lubes by Yes Lube

Net1on1 exclusive UK distributor of YES lubricants

The silky range of water and plant-oil based products from British lubricant brand, YES, are now available for retailers to purchase at Net1on1. Free from unnatural or potentially harmful substances, the YES lubricants contain organic and food-quality ingredients (such as aloe vera, seed extract, guar gum and locus bean gum) and, according to the company, unique formulas that relieve dryness, retain moisture and balance pH levels in the vagina or anus.

Danielle Warn, Head Buyer at Net1on1 said: “We are very excited to stock YES lubricants because they are truly unique and bursting with organic ingredients. The products have been designed to provide that long-lasting experience typically associated with high performance synthetic alternatives. I give the range a thumbs up and I know that it will definitely get a big YES from consumers too, especially amongst those concerned about the environment or interested in natural products that avoid discomfort by neutralising pH levels.”

Net1on1’s YES range includes:

  • Organic Water Based & Oil Based Natural Personal Lubricants – Water based and the plant-oil based lubricants
  • Double Glide Natural Lubricant Combo Pack – Sample both the water based and plant-oil based lubricants in a single pack
  • Madagascan Vanilla Plant Oil Based Natural Personal Lubricant – This lubricant boasts notes of Madagascan vanilla spice with oils and butters
  • Anal Water Based Natural Personal Lubricant – Organic lubricant that offers long-lasting slipperiness and comfort
  • Cleanse Intimate Wash – Intimate cleaner with natural ingredients