New at ABS: Einhorn Condoms

If you love unique sex essentials, you’ll love the brand new Einhorn range at ABS. This condom range is eye-catching, bold and creative. Each pack of condoms features an innovative design that ensures it’s never overlooked, and the packaging and creativity behind the brand is just as exciting as the product itself. Einhorn condoms are proudly designed in Berlin and aim to change the world – as well as the way that people have safe sex. All Einhorn condoms are vegan – and there are no animal byproducts or ingredients used in their production.

Instead of animal based Casein, Einhorn uses only plant based ingredients for lubrication. All condoms are tested electronically for safety. Each packet of condoms is designed like a chip packet for an ultra modern and stylish approach to safe sex. This bag contains 7 condoms and each one is individually packed, keeping them safe and sealed for when they’re needed.

These condoms have a 54mm nominal length and the natural colour ensures uninterrupted pleasure. They are bell shaped, giving more space around the glans for extra comfort and a better fit. They also have a reservoir tip. These condoms are designed in Berlin with the quirky, unique spirit of the city making this brand an instant favourite. These condoms come in a range of statement designs – choose from Secret Crush, Sunseeker, Forest Ballet, Bali, Foodporn, Spermamonster, Love on the Rugs, Moonshine and more – and enjoy erotic art, safe sex and design style all wrapped up into one incredible product. Now shipping at ABS!