Shots is extremely happy to add the full Shunga assortment to their catalogue.

The Shunga story began back in 1988 in Montreal, Canada, when creator and designer Sylvain Séguin, with partner Manon Vallée, idea manager/cosmetician, decided to create a high-end cosmetic company called Eau Zone Oils & Fragrances. After their first collection was launched, distributed and acclaimed in many countries, the business continued to grow rapidly. Twelve successful years later, in 2000, the couple decided to launch a new & innovative brand of intimate cosmetic products: SHUNGA Erotic Art. Created around the idea that making love is a form of art, SHUNGA Erotic Art products were, and still are, designed for couples. Now nineteen incredible years down the line, and SHUNGA Erotic Art has not only become a leader in the adult-entertainment industry, but also a benchmark for competitors. The company strives for excellence through innovation and quality and this has brought the brand much recognition, including 23 awards from 2010 to 2019.

The beautiful Shunga artwork and sleek lines reminiscent of Japanese design, give the packaging a feel of opulence and luxury. The contents are an array of delicious delights to enhance arousal, like aphrodisiac oils, edible body powders, love-enticing balms, oils and creams for sensual massages, stimulants, lubricants, and much, much more.