New at SHOTS: Swiss Navy’s new ‘Salted Caramel Delight’

Swiss Navy is expanding their range of 4 in 1 Playful Flavors with a new delicious variation: Salted Caramel Delight. The salted caramel-hype has been around for quite some time and we fully understand why! It’s a sweet and sugary taste that we all love but with just a little kick to it. No wonder that researchers have found that this flavour is literally addictive. 

The formula has been put together the same way as the other 4 in 1 flavours; together with a well-known food company. This is done to make it taste as realistic as possible. The Playful Flavor ticks every Swiss Navy box when it comes to quality. It’s paraben-free, sugar-free, non-staining and non-sticky, and therefore completely safe to use in and on your body. 

The Salted Caramel Delight is available exclusively at SHOTS Europe. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or brand ambassador Leroy by sending an email to