New at ST RUBBER: the XPANDER series of products

With the XPANDER series by Joydivision ST RUBBER is adding as many as three experts for prostate, anal and perineum stimulation to their portfolio. XPANDER X2, XPANDER X3 and XPANDER X4: these are the names that will make any man who appreciates insider knowledge loose his mind. The intricate, innovative design of the XPANDER will open a new world of pleasure, only waiting to be explored again and again. Made from 100% Silikomed(a new substance, which even goes well together with silicone based lube), every XPANDER is very flexible, enabling easy insertion when pressed together. When inserted it will unfold and show its full size. An exquisitely filling sensation! But that is not all: Each of the three XPANDER models has its own advantages.The base model X2 offers the perfect balance between prostate, anal and perineum stimulation. The X3 is a model for more advanced users, the advanced design of the stand will make your first ride unforgettable. And then we have the X4+, the professional model with an exclusive feature: skilfully placed pimples and a vibration bullet with 5 programs guarantee will give you unforgettable pleasure. All XPANDER models are available in various sizes. Available from today!