New at Tonga: Black Rose by Demoniq

The Black Rose collection is bold, sexy, eye-catching and unique. This label from Demoniq is characterised by the materials that the clothes are made of and by the eye-catching details. Demoniq used several materials for the Black Rose collection that are an important feature. High quality materials that give the outfits a spicy look:

– High quality eco-leather with a visible natural leather texture. This elastic material gives the product a modern look and matches wonderfully with metal accessories.

– Eco-leather with decorative pattern. This eco-leather has a decorative pattern and is stretchy. It gives a unique and characteristic look.

– 360° Wetlook. The main feature of this material is flexibility – it can stretch in every direction. It perfectly emphasises each detail of the body and the silhouette.

All materials are very durable and nice to touch.

Demoniq details – The Black Rose collection features eye-catching, beautiful silver elements, selected especially for this collection. They often serve as unique adornments, giving many products a spectacular look. These clasps and zippers will prove to be a USP for the clothing in any shop!

Sexy design – Apart from unique materials and beautiful details like the zippers and clasps, the Black Rose products feature a sexy design, looking hot and seductive, and inviting for intimate play. Either by highlighting certain parts of the body like the buttocks, or for example with elements that give access to the hidden body parts, like a zipper at the frontside of a top or a zipper in a legging that can be opened from the crotch to the buttocks.

Combine for a stunning look – Separate pieces from this collection can be combined to make stunning sets. A sexy top and a tight skirt will complete the vamp look of any woman, in or out the bedroom. Most of the Black Rose products can be used as everyday outfits, as party wear and as seductive outfits for intimate moments. 

It’s a collection that will stand out in any retail shop and all items come in nice looking packaging. Black Rose items are available at Tonga BV in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.