New distribution agreement signed between Adrien Lastic and Dreamlove

Dreamlove has recently signed a new distribution agreement with Adrien Lastic. This agreement, which came into effect on January 1st, 2024, marks a significant milestone for both companies and sets the stage for a fruitful partnership.

As part of the new distribution agreement, Dreamlove has been designated as the primary distributor for all of Adrien Lastic’s product lines in Spain. This includes their popular ranges such as Alive, Adrien Lastic, Amoreane, Femintimate, and all their variants. This strategic decision by Adrien Lastic to entrust Dreamlove with their distribution network in Spain demonstrates the confidence they have in the company’s capabilities and reach.

One of the key benefits of this new agreement is the opportunity it presents for Adrien Lastic to enhance its brand presence across various points of sale. With Dreamlove’s extensive distribution network and established relationships with retailers, the brand can now expand its reach and ensure that its products are readily available to consumers throughout the country. This increased visibility will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of Adrien Lastic in the Spanish market.

Moreover, the partnership with Dreamlove will also facilitate the provision of promotional materials for Adrien Lastic. By working closely together, the two companies can develop and distribute effective marketing materials that will further promote the brand and its products. This collaborative effort will enable Adrien Lastic to engage with its target audience and generate greater awareness and interest in its offerings.

In addition to promotional support, the new distribution agreement also emphasizes investment in training and sales strategies. Dreamlove will work closely with Adrien Lastic’s clients who operate bricks & mortar stores, providing them with the necessary training and guidance to effectively showcase and sell the brand’s products. This investment in training and sales strategies will not only benefit the retailers but also contribute to the overall success of Adrien Lastic in the market.