New items from OVO and The Rabbit Company shipping from Xgen Products

Xgen Products, which acquired both OVO Lifestyle Toys and The Rabbit Company among other brands earlier this year, has new items from said brands in stock and ready to ship.

From OVO, Phase V introduces five very distinctive toys. All five items have a ridged texture that provides an added sensation and simulates the feeling of motion. As an added feature, both the E7 rabbit vibrator and the E8 vibrator are enveloped in a special SilkSkyn material, which contours under pressure for a softer feel.

“The Phase V items from OVO are truly unique,” said Andy Green, President of Xgen Products. “Customers and end-users alike will be impressed by this collection.” From The Rabbit Company comes the XL collection. The four most-popular styles are bigger and better than ever, with a longer run time and increased power where it’s needed most. The Classic Rabbit, Beaded Rabbit, Realistic Rabbit, and Come Hither Rabbit were all “supersized” and are 30% larger than the standard sizes.

“These XL Rabbits are something to see,” added Green. “They are 30 percent bigger, more powerful, and last longer, with each coming in two colors, offering more choices for the customer!”