New Pipedream Body Dock Thruster now available at SCALA

SCALA is thrilled to announce the arrival of the innovative Body Dock Thruster from Pipedream, a game-changer in the realm of personal pleasure devices. This powerful, handheld marvel is designed to elevate intimate experiences with its impressive thrust capability and customizable settings.

The Body Dock Thruster offers seven distinct thrusting modes, ensuring a tailored experience for every user. Whether desiring gentle pulsations or intense, rapid thrusts, this device delivers powerful sensations to match every whim.

One of the standout features of the Body Dock Thruster is its compatibility with most suction-cup dildos available on the market. The device boasts a 3.4-inch docking plate featuring the patented Push & Play design, allowing for easy attachment and quick changes of the favourite suction cup accessories. This versatile functionality ensures that users can personalize their experience effortlessly.

The package also includes a USB charging cable, ensuring that the Body Dock Thruster is always ready. With its combination of power, versatility, and ease of use, the Body Dock Thruster is set to become an essential addition to anycollection.