New Pipedream Fantasy For Her arrivals at SCALA

SCALA announce the arrival of various new pleasure providers in the Fantasy For Her range by Pipedream. This collection of female toys offers innovative silhouettes and classic designs.

Made of silicone and other durable materials, these body-safe pleasure providers adhere to high standards, and are a trendy choice in intimate indulgence. The new arrivals cover a range of product categories. One of Scala’s personal favorites of the new additions is the Her Ultimate Pleasure stimulator. This design simulates oral stimulation using a unique pulsation action, taking her to seventh heaven with its mind-blowing suction functions.

To use the oral-sex stimulator, cup the soft oval cone over the labia and then activate the pulsing, milking vacuum suction function. The device then allows consumers to activate an additional motorized tongue movement, which will sensually tease the hot spots with realistic stimulation. When the two functions – the vacuum pulsation and the motorized tongue stimulation – combine, it creates a new dimension of pleasure.