New products and brands available at DUSEDO

DUSEDO recently added to their warehouse, expanding the storage space to 1,800 square metres, ready to be filled with new products. The latest additions to the DUSEO assortment include MOI – Extreme Power Engine – Adjustable Fucking Machine. It is a versatile sex machine with a detachable ‘fucking machine gun’ and three strong suction cups meaning it can be attached to any smooth surface – even upside down. The frame has two adjustable screws to change the position of the ‘fucking gun’ – which is also detachable if you want to use it ‘manually.’ The sex machine offers 245 to 260 rotations per minute, yet only weighs 2.8 kilogrammes.

Moreover, there is LA Pump, a brand of hand-made, diamond-cut, flame-polished cylinders for enlarging the penis, testicles, nipples, etc. All the vacuum pumps of that brand that are now available in the DUSEDO range are designed for maximum safety, comfort, and effectiveness. Moreover, LA Pump offers cylinders in varying sizes, so they definitely have the right product for any consumer. Another new addition to the DUSEDO assortment is Hung System. The toys and accessories in this brand feature a lock system that is compatible with almost all other products offering such a system. This way, the user can create their own toy, attaching a dildo to a harness, a suction cup, a plug, or a handle. All Hung Systems dildos and plugs are made in Belgium, produced from high-quality materials, free of plasiticizers, and in line with EU safety standards.