Nomie Tang Wild Rabbit

Nomi Tang’s Wild Rabbit starts shipping at the end of October

Wild Rabbit, the latest dual stimulation vibrator from Nomi Tang, begins to ship the at the end of October. In cooperation with distributor Eropartner the vibrator will be shipped in time to hit the shelves for the holiday sales season. It comes with a special symmetrical groove to increase the touching area and to enable sensual friction to G-spot and clitoris. The technology of Wild Rabbit is inspired by Newton’s cradle, featuring three motors creating a sensation of traveling and looping vibrations.

Furthermore, the company will launch a new black color version of their red-dot awarded Better than Chocolate 2 featuring a golden touch slider mid of November.

“We are thrilled about all the positive feedback and compliments we received regarding our product line which in turn is motivation enough to continue launching more creative luxury toys as well as in-store materials to support our valued retailers.” says Nomi Tang.