Now available from SHOTS: Swiss Navy’s Slip ‘N Slide

Swiss Navy delivers the best quality when it comes to lubes and other cosmetics. This is because they have all the in-house knowledge to create the best formulas. The brilliant minds of Swiss Navy have worked on a very special and new formula. The result: Slip ‘N Slide, a premium jelly lubricant. What makes this lubricant so special? It’s a water based lubricant, with the qualities of silicone lube. This means that it’s ultra-thick and stays exactly in the place where you put it, but without being greasy. Because the lube is so thick, the packaging of the Slip ‘N Slide is not the usual Swiss Navy bottle with pump. It’s a tube so you can squeeze out the jelly. 

You can use the Slip ‘N Slide to make your love-making session go smoothly, but this unique water based can also be used for toys. The jelly consistency sticks to the right place, making it perfect for your solo and couple play. The Slip ‘N Slide comes in two different sizes: 148ml and 59ml. It is now available at SHOTS.