Now exclusively available from Tonga: Femme Funn

Tonga is happy to announce the launch of the American brand Femme Funn in their collections. Femme Funn, from Hollywood to Europe, exclusively available at Tonga! Tonga chose to bring the Femme Funn toys to Europe because of the long experience of the brand’s founder in the industry and because of the innovative technology and designs of the products. This will bring unique selling points for sex toy stores and web shops all over Europe and new sales opportunities with a large audience.

Ultra BulletWhen the Ultra Bullet launched back in 2015, it was the first-ever fully silicone bullet vibrator (both inside and out). The innovative design completely shocked the market. In addition to its never-before-seen design, it also was the most powerful, becoming an overnight sensation. 8 years later, it is still the most powerful bullet vibrator on the market and is the best-selling product in its category in most retail stores. This product created the DNA for the Femme Funn brand – Power • Innovation • Fun. Those 3 pillars became the center of all products Femme Funn designed from then on out.

Booster RabbitThe second product Femme Funn designed was the Booster Rabbit – their spin on the traditional rabbit vibrator. At the time, it was the first-of-its-kind rabbit vibrator with a rotating motion. The innovative 360º rotation technology, paired with sensational external vibrations from the rabbit, creates a sensation of dual stimulation for a unique experience and blended orgasms. This product was also the first to feature the signature Boost Mode function, which was also revolutionary at the time and has become a trademark of the Femme Funn brand due to its popularity.

Ultra Rabbit With the Ultra Rabbit, Femme Funn created a one-size-fits-all rabbit vibrator. The rabbit portion of the toy is huge (basically the size of a bullet vibrator), and super flexible, allowing it to comfortably and safely bend to the shape of the user. This became the Femme Funn standard for designing toys. In addition to that, they discovered that when using these toys, the product would slip out if the user released the handle. So, they created a non-slip dip on the shaft of the device, which holds the product in place. This innovation is something Femme Funn created and uses in a few of their rabbit designs.

Many other toys are in the Femm Funn collections at Tonga: Overall there are over 20 different designs available, vibrators, bullets, eggs, wands, vibrators with 360º rotation technology… almost all in several attractive colours which makes for 80+ toys in total to choose from.