Remote-controlled pleasure at the push of a button at ORION Wholesale

The orgasm 2.0 with sex toys that are controlled via a remote control or app are no longer a vision of the future. Sex toys that provide remote-controlled pleasure at the push of a button are inventions of the present. The idea of having power over a partner and being able to pleasure them with the remote control at the push of a button is appealing for a lot of people. ORION Wholesale also has many of these sex toys in its assortment:

  • The anatomically shaped vibrator Arioso from Close2you, which uses modern technology to provide triple the amount of pleasure: this skilled toy’s mini vibrator is inserted into the vagina and “Arioso’s” ends stimulate the clitoris and anus.
  • The Vibrating Panties from You2Toys are something a bit more discreet for on the go. There is a small, integrated pouch on the inside of the crotch where the mini vibrator can be inserted.
  • The vibro-bullet Berry from Smile. Once inserted it provides discreet pleasurable sensations when on the go, thanks to its seven vibration levels that are also controlled via a remote control.
  • The vibro-cock ring Bunny Remote. Its remote control fits into any trouser pocket or handbag. The user can put the “Berry” vibro-bullet in position before going out and the other user can wear the transparent grey cock ring with the integrated vibro-bullet.
  • The We-Vibe 4 plus is a toy for long-distance relationships. It can be controlled over a long distance, thanks to the smartphone app that was especially designed for this purpose.