Orgie Company elects Creative Conceptions Ltd. as its exclusive distribution in the UK

Orgie Company has been in the UK for some time thanks to valuable retail customers that had to adjust when the Brexit-related customs regulations were implemented. Having Creative Conceptions Ltd. on board as its the exclusive distributor in the UK means the definitive placement of Orgie brand and products into this important although challenging market and to be capable to serve Orgie products to a broader customer portfolio increasing the purchase options for the consumers. 

“The business spark between Orgie Company and Creative Conceptions Ltd. was mutual, it meant to be, but the timing wasn´t right back in 2018. The wait paid off for both parties, so therefore everything that comes with dealing an exclusive distribution went well and trouble-free. Creative Conceptions is currently working on the official launch of Orgie products within the UK market and from where we are it is impossible to not notice how their team is seriously committed, enthusiastic and motivated as if Orgie is a brand of their own, tuned on Orgie like we are,” Raquel Shaw, Head of PR, Orgie Company, says.

“Orgie first attracted our attention at eroFame 2018 with their beautifully branded stand and exciting product portfolio. We had several interesting discussions back then, but felt the time wasn’t quite right for us as we had at the time recently taken on a few new brands. At Creative we really like to work as partners with the brands we represent, treating them as we would our own products but that requires an investment in time as well as capital so right then we didn’t feel we were able to give the brand the attention it quite obviously deserves. We have always kept a close eye on the brand and watched it develop even further so are now absolutely delighted to be partnering with Orgie to grow the business in the U.K. particularly but also in Europe. We strive to ensure that all our brands are unique, innovative, have a true point of difference and are created by a team full of passion and knowledge in their area of expertise. We find that this provides our customers with the best products available in our industry, giving us and customers trust in any brands and range we partner with,” Chris Bowles, General Manager, Creative Conceptions Ltd., explains the cooperation of the two companies

“The Orgie brand attracted us as there is such a wonderful story behind it. It’s origins in Brazil, a country known for its passion and lust for life, combined with the fact that its formulas contain great natural actives coming from the Amazon rainforest makes it a unique proposition. The centuries old knowledge of the Amazonian shamans, with their ability to conjure up exotic potions for enhancing intimate encounters, is embodied in every Orgie line and that makes us very excited to be representing this special brand”,  Jane Bowles, Marketing Director and co-owner, Creative Conceptions Ltd., adds.

“The Sales Team here at Creative are all very excited to be representing Orgie. Product knowledge is absolutely key for us to ensure we really understand and can convey the unique benefits of this beautiful range to our customers. The whole team are looking forward to receiving Comprehensive product training directly from the Orgie experts later this month so we can pass that on to our retailers and web customers to ensure they maximise their sales.We would have loved to have shown the brand in person at eroFame but sadly as we all know that has been postponed. We will however be running our own remote show in November as well as making personal store visits throughout the UK. If anyone would like to arrange an appointment for our remote show, please feel free to contact myself on or your usual sales representative.  As distributors we will be able to offer fast shipping to Europe as always, as well as Next Day delivery to the UK market, and we have no minimum order quantities. You will be able to buy as much or as little as you like, as and when you wish! So why not as Orgie’s key strapline says, ‘Dare yourself!’ – Dwayne Waring, Sales Manager, Creative Conceptions Ltd., says.

“To expand our presence in the UK through Creative Conceptions’ distribution means reaching out to customers nationwide with efficiency, reliable customer service, Next Day shipments, and no minimum orders what leads to the benefit and purchase convenience of the consumers. It sounds like an early Christmas to all of us at Orgie Company. At last, but not least, our thanks to Ms. Julie Rivet.” Raquel Shaw, Head of PR, Orgie Company, concludes.