Orgie lands in Australia

Orgie Company crossed a new border and celebrates its recent landing in Australia through Tuppys Adult Store. “My husband Jason and myself opened Tuppys online a few years ago now. We then opened our first shop front just over one year ago. We decided to class it up and become more of a Boutique Style Adult Store, offering a quality shopping experience.  Our concept took off really well, that we decided to open another store within a year of our first. Whilst on the search for new items that would complement our store, we came upon Orgie. After receiving our first sample order, I immediately fell in love with the brand, the look and of course its effectiveness. We believe more people should come to love and experience such an amazing product too, that we reached out to Orgie Company directly to start a partnership, to bring Orgie to Australia,”says Lisa Lowry, Tuppys Adult Store owner. “To reach the Australian market was a great achievement for us, specially through another selective and careful customer as Tuppy Adult Store. We spare no joint efforts with our customers to position Orgie in their market and, above all, to be successful among its consumers, and thiswill not be any different in Australia,” Raquel Shaw, spokeswoman of Orgie, explains.