ORION Wholesale:  Dresses with a Wow Effect from Noir Handmade

Beautiful, breathtaking dresses from the best-selling Noir Handmade label are now available from ORION Wholesale. They are made out of beautiful power wetlook that clings to the body in a seductive way and they stand out thanks to their fancy details. The material is also soft and stretchy which means that they are extremely comfortable to wear. It’s also almost crease-free when worn and fits like a second skin. All of the dresses are available in S, M, L and XL. ORION Wholesale has a size chart specifically for the Noir Handmade collection because the outfits are always a bit smaller. 

The seductive strap dress has a tight-fitting cut and is made out of elegant power wetlook with soft lace cups and wide lace inserts at the front and sides. The hem is also decorated with lace. There is a zip at the back which makes it easy to put on and take off. The straps can be adjusted to fit. 

The extra-short dress stands out because of is skimpy cut and sexy lacing at the back. It is very low-cut at the front. The narrow straps cross at the back.  

The extravagant dress with a wrap-style halterneck top part and tight skirt is a sexy eye-catcher. It is also backless as well.  

The sophisticated, knee-length dress is tight-fitting. It is low-cut at the front and the back. It has a decorative frilly strap over the cleavage area. The exciting zip up the side (at the front) can be unzipped right up to the thigh. There is also a slit at the back to make walking easier. 

The short dress with long sleeves is in a corset style and it also has a flared skirt part. It is completely open at the front and is only held together by the hook fastener on the integrated waist corsage part.  

The dresses from Noir Handmade will be delivered in a high-quality cardboard box with a detailed image of the respective product on it. There is also a description of the product in various languages on it as well.