ORION Wholesale is one of the exclusive distributors of BMS Factory  

ORION Wholesale is one of the exclusive distributors of the Canadian company BMS Factory’s PowerBullet products and it has a selection of nearly 40 items from the well-known BMS labels including Naked Addiction, Swan, PalmPower and Pillow Talk. ORION Wholesale has already been working with BMS Factory for many years and is very much looking forward to expanding this partnership further. “We highly appreciate the team and the high-quality products from BMS Factory and are proud to be able to intensify the previous cooperation and successfully market the products”, said Björn Radcke, Head of Sales & Marketing at ORION Wholesale. Gordon Bannister, Director of Sales at BMS Factory, is also pleased with this cooperation: “BMS has strategically narrowed its distribution in Europe. We equally cherish this relationship, and like ORION, BMS is also family owned and shares similar core values including Ecological Sustainability Efforts and Quality Production Standards. We proudly celebrate ORION’S 40+ years of experience in our industry to help propel our efforts forward.”