ORION Wholesale offers the entire product range from Fröhle

The entire product range from Fröhle is now exclusively available from ORION Wholesale. The Fröhle brand has been known for their vacuum pumps for over 30 years now.

Over the years, many customers have come to trust their quality “Made in Germany” and have been impressed by their products’ effectivity. Recently, Fröhle has been transferred to the Blanche Industries GmbH (a subcompany of the Cybernetto Handels-GmbH). They have modernized the entire product range and also added new innovations to it.

The new range of products was now presented to the team of ORION Wholesale and the product management during a product training in the headquarters of ORION. Dennis Ramaty, CEO of the Cybernetto Handels-GmbH, gave a presentation and explanations about products from the breast, penis and vagina pump range but also about nipple suckers and cock rings. He also promised that a lot of exciting novelties would be released during next year.