pjur starts discount sale at ST Rubber

pjur has been using the shopping world at ST Rubber to present its own product range, highlight special promotions, and keep customers informed about all the latest news since April. Now the company is offering another promotion, called 3 + 1 Special.

Buy three products and get one for free. Retailers who buy three of the following pjur products receive one free of charge: pjur WOMAN 100 ml, pjur analysis me! RELAXING silicone anal glide 100 ml and 250 ml, pjur analysis me! COMFORT water glide 100 ml, pjur med PREMIUM glide 100 ml, pjur med REPAIR glide 100 ml, pjur med SENSITIVE glide 100 ml and pjur med PRO-LONG spray. The promotion will continue until the end of August.

“Dealers should secure the current discount. This is a great promotion. ST Rubber allows us to present the pjur brand in an optimal way. For retailers, this means getting the latest information and securing great discounts,” says Stefan Daniel, Key Account Manager at pjur.