Prowler Lubricant now at ABS

The brand new Prowler lubricant is a lightweight lube that’s designed for maximum hydration, pleasure and comfort – and it is now available at ABS. This lube comes in a handy dispensing bottle for quick and easy use in the heat of the moment. It’s lightweight for a natural feel and the water based formulation means that it’s great for use during sex or during play with sex toys.

This water based lubricant comes in a 250ml bottle for regular play and the packaging is simple but impactful. It’s the ultimate essential for the nightstand, and is effortlessly dispensed, making it a favourite for hydration and extra moisture in the heat of the moment. This lube features the signature Prowler logo and is perfect for fans of the brand who love high quality essentials. This lubricant amplifies pleasure, intensifies sensation and makes every experience even more pleasure-packed.