Realistic Dildos “Silexd” made out of patented material now available at ORION Wholesale

ORION Wholesale has expanded its assortment: the realistic dildos “Silexd” from CNEX are now also available from the erotic specialist. The flexible realistic dildos with suction cup are available from ORION Wholesale in three different sizes (18 cm, 22 cm and 24 cm). The dildos are coated with silicone and have a core that is made out of the patented material Silexpan, which is even lighter than silicone but has the same density. The product also has a so-called memory effect when it is squeezed permanently, which means that it stays in the desired shape. Furthermore, Silexpan also reacts to high temperatures (it becomes softer) and low temperatures (it becomes harder). The skin-coloured realistic dildos are also a visual highlight with their plump, realistic shape. The striking glans, the testicles and the veins make for a very sensual and stimulating surface texture. Their suction cup is the last piece to perfect the hands-free ride.