Rimba adds five new pjur products

Dutch wholesaler Rimba has expanded its product portfolio to include five extra products from pjur. Rimba now stocks almost the entire pjur range after adding pjur Toy Clean (100ml), pjur superhero Strong performance spray (20ml), pjur med VEGAN glide (100ml) and the 250ml versions of pjur analyse me! relaxing anal glide and pjur analyse me! comfort anal glide. “Having worked with pjur for a number of years now, we know them to be a reliable partner and supplier of high-quality products. Due to strong demand from our customers, we decided to add these five products to our range,” explains Roger van der Blom, CEO of Rimba.

Stefan Daniel, Key Account Manager at pjur, is also delighted at the new products that Rimba is stocking: “We are thrilled that Rimba has included more products from our range in its portfolio. The selection aligns perfectly with current market demand, as our anal and stimulation products such as pjur superhero STRONG are particularly popular at the moment.”

pjur and the Dutch wholesaler based in Etten-Leur have been working together for almost eight years.