Scala Playhouse and Tonga partner up to take NS Novelties to the next level

Scala Playhouse and Tonga have partnered up to become the main distributors of NS Novelties in Europe. The brand could now gain even more momentum backed by Scala Playhouse’s and Tonga’s extensive customer base and knowledge of the European markets. The partnership was made to enable both companies to solidify the market position of NS Novelties, introducing it to a wider international audience. The brand of erotic novelties is known for its affordable designs made of premium materials.

Scala Playhouse and Tonga will select their own assortments of NS Novelties products, allowing retailers to still find diversity in the range of products offered by each wholesale company. The partnership with NS Novelties is backed by the knowledge from Scala Playhouse’s and Tonga’s Sales teams and Account Managers about the NS Novelties collections available.

Both Scala Playhouse and Tonga are very pleased with the new approach to market NS Novelties. Both parties are confident the partnership will take NS Novelties to the next level, resulting in more NS Novelties fans across Europe.