Scala Playhouse promotes Male Edge for Valentine’s Day

Scala Playhouse suggests that retailers should stock up on Male Edge penile extenders for Valentine’s Day. “One of the best presents he can give himself, and in effect his partner, this Valentine’s Day?” the company asks and continues: “A Male Edge penile extender! Yes, it might not be the most ‘standard’ present, and yes, it will cost him a bit more than a box of the chocolates, but the results are definitely worth it!”

Male Edge offers men the opportunity to obtain all natural penis growth with lasting effects. The Male Edge penile extenders use a special penis traction method, creating not just an increase in length, but also in girth. Users have reported growth of as much as 2 to 3 inches. The device lets the user determine how much traction he wants to apply, making the enlargement not just effective, but also comfortable.

The brand has yearly reported a 25% increase in sales around Valentine’s Day. Another bonus about the Male Edge devices is that they have an amazing sale margin for retailers. The Male Edge extender is available at Scala Playhouse in three different sets: the Basic, Extra and Pro.