SHOTS expands hosiery category with leg wear brand FIORE

SHOTSs has been listening carefully to public demand, hence the boost to their lingerie assortment, which now includes a full hosiery category. The company is delighted with the addition of the sensual leg wear line by Polish brand Fiore.

Fiore was founded in 1998, inspired by Parisienne Chic and Italian sex appeal, it didn’t take them long to make their mark. Over the years the brand has evolved into a very important player within the fashion hosiery market. They developed their technology, set up an in-house design team and came up with innovative designs, patterns and techniques. They did all this with one goal, to make sure every woman who wears Fiore, looks good from her belly-button to the tip of her toes. 

Fiore hosiery is soft and comfortable, made from high quality fibres that are guaranteed by the prestigious Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate. This means that all Fiore products are 100% free of harmful substances and do not endanger health. Recently Fiore introduced the Sensual collection, a perfect fit for the erotic market with products such as stockings, hold-ups and various open-crotch styles of hosiery. This brand is like nothing we’ve ever seen in the erotic industry, it’s soft and comfortable and the sizing is amazing due to the stretch factor. To top all that fabulousness off, Fiore has great prices, which make it an easy add-on product to sell at check-out. 

Fiore’s sizing is in numbers: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Which translates to S, M, L, X, and XL. The fibres are firm yet stretchy, which make it suitable for double sizing without losing shape, so 2 isn’t just equal to a size S, but can be worn as S/M as well. 

Fiore gives customers good value for their money, which is a real selling point for the brand.