SHOTS is distributing Doc Johnson’s In A Bag line

Doc Johnson has announced the release of its highly anticipated product line, In A Bag. As the exclusive distributor for Doc Johnson and its entire collection SHOTS is excited to announce that for Europe the products are now available for shipping.The line consists of 30 distinct products that are shipped in a bag, a conscious decision made by the company to reduce packaging waste and provide quality products at an affordable price.

According to Scott Watkins, VP of Sales and Marketing of Doc Johnson, the In A Bag line embodies the company’s values of producing high-quality products that are affordable and accessible to all. Along with Doc Johnson, SHOTS has intentionally kept the cost of each of the 30 at an entry level price point with the aim of helping customers find their new favorite products while keeping distributors’ and retailers’ investments low.

The In A Bag products come in three different fashionable colored bags: Green for products designed for individuals with vulvas, Blue for products for penises, and Yellow for products that can be used by anyone regardless of gender or genitalia. Something SHOTS is very excited about to have this inclusivity for all.

To learn more about sales information or to make a purchase, interested parties can contact SHOTS’ brand ambassador Bjorn: For additional marketing, pos, window displays or any other request please feel free to contact Bjorn.