SHOTS offers promotional material for JIL

According to Shots, the JIL brand has gone from strength to strength, since its introduction in November 2017. The entire series, which consists momentarily of eight products, uses a new technology, called ‘Endless Flexibile Technology’. This means that the products can adjust to any body shape and the seamless “skin” of these toys gives them a silky and luxurious feel.

In regards of promotional material, Shots offers a big poster available (84x59cm), a sign-box for planograms (53x35x0,2cm), an infographic counter display (22x15x0,2cm) in three different languages and testers with displays of the various products. Furthermore there is an introduction video for the brand in several languages plus a variety of drawings and pictures of the products. To maximise the potential of JIL, the company also offers the possibility to customise POS material for clients.

All JIL toys are equipped with powerful, yet discreet (less than 50db) motors and come with ten speed modes and vibration patterns. The complete JIL series is rechargeable, 100% water proof and all toys come with an included usb charger cable.