Slippery when wet

Dr Skin

The doctor is in! The Dr. Skin Glide Self Lubricating Dildos that have recently arrived at Tonga are realistic, self-lubricating toys that only need a bit of water to get slippery! 

Dr. Skin delivers a range of bold, realistic shapes at an affordable price point. From extra-large to average-size toys, from strong suction cups to double dongs, Dr. Skin is the realistic dildo lover’s dream. Made from the Blush proprietary blend of non-porous PVC or from TPE, Dr. Skin products are lab-tested, phthalate-free and body safe. 

We think the self-lubricating dildos are great additions to the Dr Skin range and we’re happy to offer them to our customers. All Dr Skin self-lubricating dildos have a realistic look and feel and they are available in several shapes and sizes at Tonga BV. 

Soft and Wet

Did you know that Tonga offers another self-lubricating product from Blush, apart from the Dr Skin Glide dildos? In the M for Men range you can find the Soft and Wet strokers. Three variations are available. All three have a vagina shaped sleeve, but the love tunnel inside is different for every Soft and Wet stroker, with stimulating nubs or ridges or both.

These pocket strokers are self-lubricating too. Add a little water or saliva and everything gets slippery. Just like the real thing! M for Men masturbators are soft, flexible, and filled with sensational textures. Mild suction is manually activated by manipulating the air valve. The centre of the cup can be squeezed to tighten and enhance pleasure.

In addition there is a 3-pack vibrating sleeve kit available from M for Men to enjoy the Soft & Wet strokers even more. This kit includes 3 separate sleeves, to mimic oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Made of lifelike X5 material, each stroker is soft, yielding, and filled with stimulating textures. They are open ended to accommodate any penis length. The Soft & Wet Set also comes with an IPX7 waterproof vibrating bullet that can be used with any of the 3 sleeves to enhance sensation while stroking. Made of premium TPE, each sleeve is body safe and easy to clean.

Self-lubrication explained

The Self Lubricating technology is built into the actual material TPE. The component is proprietary and is body safe. The user adds water and this will activate the self lubrication. The self lubrication feature lasts about 10 to 12 times (more or less) depending on how vigorous the user is with the toy. So the self-lubricating properties are temporary. Eventually the self lubrication will wear off and users can apply their own water based lube.

To clean the toy, wash it with soap and water. Pat it dry and allow it to air dry before storing. Blush advises to use the products only with water based lubricants. It is recommended to start using water based lubricants after the self-lubricating properties begin to diminish.

Dr Skin Glide dildos

Dr. Skin Glide dildos have a sturdy suction cup base that will hold to any flat surface and that is harness compatible. Made from body safe TPE, these toys contain no fragrances, phthalates, paraffins, or latex.

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