Spice up the erotic fun with Happy Diva

The Spice Me Up Stimulating Gel by Happy Diva is now exclusively available at SCALA. This stimulating gel promotes blood flow and leaves a delicate tingling sensation that lasts for approximately 10-15 minutes after application. To prolong the ‘buzz’, you can re-apply the gel if desired. The formula has been dermatologically and clinically tested, ensuring it’s fully body-safe and gentle on sensitive skin. The gel is also compatible with silicone toys, in case you want to spice up your playtime! The Spice Me Up Stimulating Gel by Happy Diva comes in a handy ‘Press & Play’ pump bottle, making it easy to dose and apply. The exterior packaging of the gel is fun, flirty, and inspired by mainstream makeup and drugstore brands. Meaning it won’t look out of place when you leave it lying around on your nightstand or bathroom sink.