Svakom launches Cookie, Candy, Hedy and Daisy

Svakom launches Cookie and Candy, two foreplay vibrators, Hedy, a masturbator in three designs, and Daisy, a clitoral stimulator in two colors. They are now available at Eropartner.

Cookie and Candy are two different foreplay vibrators in pastel colors. Cookie has three tentacles with three vibration intensities to gently massage the nipples, clitoris or other erogenous zones. Candy comes in blue pastel and gently kisses the sensitive areas. Hedy is a masturbator from ultra soft TPE that gives a sensational skin touch. Hedy comes in three colors and has inner dots and ribs for intense sensations. Because it’s elasticity it fits multiple sizes.

Clitoral vibrator Daisy is also waterproof and comes in two colors. Daisy is a chic and elegant vibrator with petite and discreet size. The small size makes it easy to be carried along for travelling.