Svakom’s NOVA EXERCISE BALLS are now available at ST RUBBER

With the NOVA EXERCISE BALLS , Svakom is releasing a love ball set specifically aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscle, before and after pregnancy. Produced from body friendly silicone, each of the three NOVA EXERCISE BALLS can be inserted comfortably, so that it is accurately fitting for working out when standing and walking.

The three models train the musculature individually by using different sizes, arrangements and weights:

  • 1 ball: diameter 36 mm, length 135mm, weight 45g
  • 2 large balls: diameter 32mm, length 172 mm, weight 80g
  • 2 small balls: diameter 28 mm, length 162 mm, weight 90g

The NOVA EXERCISE BALLS set is available in two colors, fully coated with soft silicone, waterproof and easy to clean.