Pink Packaging of Swan Squeeze Vibrators

SWAN Squeeze from BMS Factory now at ORION Wholesale

The new SWAN Squeeze vibrators “Kiss”, “Curve” and “Hug” from BMS Factory are now available at ORION Wholesale. The three new SWAN vibrators are made out of skin-friendly silicone and are available in pink and turquoise. They are waterproof and rechargeable.

The high-quality vibrators are amazing because they have the “Squeeze-Me” technology, which means that the body can control the vibrations just by squeezing. The vibrations of the vibrators can be intensified, either by using hands or thighs to apply pressure or by tensing the vagina. This means that it can be used for training the pelvic floor muscles as well as providing pleasure: the harder the vibrator is squeezed, the more intense the pleasure and training programme is. Their handy size means that they can be used on-the-go for spontaneous fun as well. With their intuitive “Mimic Mode” users can also create personalised vibration patterns.