FT London offers high-end kegel balls Geisha Balls 2

FT London’s collection categories such as various high-end kegel balls, like the new The Geisha Balls 2. Now available at Scala Playhouse. The Geisha Balls 2 is a new generation of kegel balls with a velvet soft finish.. The silicone removal-sting is hygienic, sturdy and has a shortened length for user comfort. The two love balls encased in the smooth silicone wrap are weighted for intimate stimulation. The balls allow women to train their pelvic floor muscles in a comfortable, easy and stimulation way.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles make for stronger, more intense orgasms; so using the Geisha Balls 2 isn’t just fun in the short-term, it’s also very beneficial in the long run. The Geisha Balls 2 comes packaged in a packaging with a boutique look and feel.