Tonga distributes Clandestine exclusively in Europa

Tonga and Clandestine partner to bring the advanced, ergonomic and versatile pleasure products of the US brand to Europe.

“We are very excited to have chosen Tonga as our exclusive distribution partner in Europe. I have worked closely with them in the past and admire their work ethic and dedication to the brands that they choose to represent. We believe that this partnership will propel the Clandestine Devices brand forward in the European market and anticipate great success through the presentation of innovative products, marketing, training and most of all excellent customer service on both our end and theirs”, Lulu Shwartzer, Operations Manager Clandestine Devices, LLC., says.

Melanie de Jonge, CEO Tonga BV, says the following about the agreement: “Clandestine products are luxury devices that offer great value for money. We are very happy with our new collaboration with Clandestine and proud to be able to offer our customers the MIMIC, MIMIC+ and Companion stimulators. Our partnership is based on shared values and we’re looking forward to the anticipated results for our customers in Europe.”

With a history in the pleasure industry, Clandestine’s experience drives their passion to create products that serve a purpose through their design and, most importantly, can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter gender, body shape or size.