Uberlube makes its way into the Indian market with IMBesharam

Uberlube and Indian adult store IMBesharam recently partnered up to bring the luxury silicone lube brand to India. While the demand in India’s sex toy market has been rapidly growing over the past few years, India is still a country where a large-scale cultural taboo around sex exists, and the possibility of products categorized as sex toys remains within an unclear legal grey area. Yet IMBesharam.com continues to fearlessly promote sex-positivity by bringing sexual pleasure and wellness products to the Indian market. In the US the high-quality silicone lubricant brand Uberlube is known for it’s sleek and discreet look, appearing more like a cosmetic product or cologne. Uberlube is also registered as a medical device, and widely referenced by over 3000 medical professionals who often say Uberlube is one of the few lubricants they can recommend to their patients who have sensitivity to other products.“We are really looking forward to this new partnership with IMBesharam in bringing Uberlube into the Indian market,” says Stephen Magnusen, creator and co-owner of Uberlube. “We feel it’s a great fit as Uberlube can be categorized and sold as a health and wellness product, and is a body-friendly product that feels good for women and men – all people. We look forward to our growth in this new market and our continued global expansion”.  Amy Baldwin, Uberlube’s lead eduator, is also extra pleased about the partnership as she sees IMBesharam as more than a sex shop, but also an online resource for sex education. “As a sex educator and promoter of sex-positivity, I love partnering with adult stores who are both inclusive of all preferences and orientations, as well as passionate about sex education” Baldwin says. “IMBesharam’s website includes information on sex toy materials and safety, as well as how to use them, and even pleasure and masturbation 101. And their highly trafficked Instagram page does a phenomenal job supporting LGBT folks, promoting sexual diversity, and offering sex ed tips and tricks. Their mission feels very much aligned with Uberlube, and that is to help ALL people overcome sexual shame while adding more pleasure in their lives”. 

Raj Armani, COO at Besharam (IMBesharam.com) is equally positive about UberLube’s entry to Indian market. ‘The demand for adult products in India has been on a steady rise, in part due to the pandemic keeping many at home, and due to the immense social media buzz and chatter, we are experiencing a high in consumption and knowhow. It is an optimal time to introduce reputable brands that are high on quality and affordable to the wallet. UberLube products excel in all departments, they are luxurious looking, well packaged and have great customer feedback. It also works for both men and women for pleasure with and without toys. We look forward to having our customers pick Uberlube as a perfect companion with the popular vibrators and masturbators that sell on our store.“