We-Vibe Classic now available at Scala Playhouse

Now ready to order at Scala Playhouse: the new We-Vibe Classic. This must-have couples toy is based on the original, rounded We-Vibe silhouette, but has an extra flexible fit and is made of silky-soft silicone to guarantee a comfortable and pleasurable experience. The We-Vibe Classic is a re-introduction of the original shape that made We-Vibe a worldwide success. Whereas their latest releases, such at the We-Vibe 4, featured a ‘flatter’ shape, the We-Vibe Classic has gained back its curves; to please fans of the original model. The We-Vibe Classic has powerful twin motors, which allow to choose a favorite vibe from 10 different vibration modes. Lovers can create their own unique custom-vibration playlists. The new, ready to order We-Vibe Classic also features a sleek, wireless remote control and can also be used with the We-Connect app. This special mobile application lets a lover control the toy from any location providing there is network access.