Wicked Massage and new Wicked flavours at Tonga

Wicked added 3 massage creams to their product ranges, available at Tonga in three ultra-rich formulas: Orange Blossom + Patchouli, Sage + Sea Salt and Stripped + Bare. The first two are naturally scented, the third one is fragrance free. Sage and Sea Salt has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, Orange Blossom has sultry and seductive properties. The massage creams are designed to relax and soothe the body, developed to help people address touch deprivation. Users are encouraged to explore satisfying sensual massage with superior formulas that benefit the skin + tantalize the senses. Created with coconut and sweet almond oil, and infused with vitamins A and E, WSC’s Sensual Massage Creams are suitable for all skin types, perfect for delivering smooth and easy massage movements, and ideal for solo or partnered use. Blended with oils and infused with electrolytes to nourish and caress, and to quench thirsty skin. All three massage creams are vegan and can be used as a daily lotion. Wicked Sensual Care massage products are perfect when your body craves touch and relaxation, wonderful for mindful massage. The tubes are made of bio-resin / bio-plastic. Materials made from renewable biomass sources (for example sugarcane), to be more sustainable and to reduce the carbon footprint.

simply Brown Sugar, Passion Fruit, and Pear flavoured lubricants are for those who want a delicious way to enjoy oral pleasures. Wicked Sensual Care’s flavoured lubes are water-based, completely edible and come in several tantalizing flavours. They are made from the finest ingredients for superior performance and lightly sweetened with Stevia. Each product has been designed to be amazingly slick, extra long lasting and never sticky or tacky. simply Pear, Simply Passion Fruit and (our personal favourite!) Simply Brown Sugar are clean and simple flavoured lubricants. Each new flavour is available at Tonga in 70ml and 120ml bottles.