WOW Tech cooperates with Besharam on the Indian market

WOW Tech seals a partnership with Besharam to present the entire line of We-Vibe, Womanizer, ROMP and Arcwave to India through Besharam’s expanded presence in Indian market as the most trusted brand in the sexual wellness category. Besharam is India’s leading Adult Brand. The name Besharam means ‘Shameless’, but in essence Besharam is about speaking up and expressing yourself, without any fear or stigma from the society. The brand’s purpose has evolved over the years of existence from being an online safe place to access pleasure products, to now being the voice of millions of Indians who strive for equality and diversity, both in the bedroom and outside of it. In short, Besharam is about democratizing sex & pleasure.
“We’re really excited to be partnering with ImBesharam to help introduce this affordable brand to the people in India,” said Head of Marketing for Americas, Stephanie Keating. “WOW Tech products are the perfect introduction to new users, and a wonderful opportunity to explore their unique preferences and build a long-lasting relationship with the brand.”
“We recognize the unique position WOW Tech has maintained for its line of products and its reputation for manufacturing premium quality products that demonstrate excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and packaging,” said Rachna Gaba, Chief Business Officer of Happy Birds Inc.
Raj Armani, co-founder & COO at Besharam added, “Throughout the years, Womanizer & We-Vibe have always set the bar high in the industry and are often compared to the BMW and Mercedes in the auto industry. We take immense pride in representing them in India which has been the hot bed for all luxury and semi luxury brands for the last decade, with sales skyrocketing for upscale brands in fashion, automotive, furniture, electronics and lifestyle. WOW Tech suite of brands cater to the high net worth individuals who crave only the best and invest in upper middle and upper high class standards in living. We look forward to a great partnership ahead as the WOW Tech team guides us through to make their brands stand out among the crowd.”