Xgen Products now shipping new Maliboo vibes

Maliboo, now shipping from Xgen Products, is a brand-new collection of brightly colored stimulators that offer a fun and festive look, with seamless lines and soft, smooth surfaces.

“The Maliboo collection is a great new addition to the Xgen roster of brands,” said Andy Green, President of Xgen Products. “With 15 different vibrations patterns and additional pleasure enhancing features, Maliboo is sure to spice up each and every solo or partnered session!”

Surf the surging swell of orgasmic pleasure from 15 vibration patterns with a flexible finger vibe featuring an ergonomic design that snugly keeps it in place. As revitalizing as a day at the beach, Zuma features a uniquely shaped fluttering tip featuring 15 vibration patterns to stimulate all of your hottest erogenous zones.

Allow yourself to get carried away by this Wave of powerful stimulation from 15 thrilling vibration patterns and a textured tip. Wave’s ergonomic design gives it a dynamic flex for the perfect reach, and the one-touch function maximizes power for intense pleasure.

“As an added benefit for retailers, the Maliboo collection has testers available, along with a convenient display that can sit on a counter or hang on a slatwall,” added Green.

All items in the Maliboo collection feature a one-touch function that maximizes power for intense pleasure, are waterproof, USB rechargeable and have an ergonomic design.