YESforLOV arrives at Eropartner Distribution

YESforLOV has chosen Eropartner Distribution to launch her two new product lines. Christian Palix, founder of YESforLOV, has invented five delicacies around sexy fooding, and for the fans of pleasure products, a new white tea and Plumeria based scent as addition to their range of candles and massage oils.

The newest in sexy fooding is YESforLov’s Delice Deluxe Massage, available in five different flavors. It includes a bottle of massage oil and a sachet of Sexy Candy explosion. The sachet contains crystals which explode when you put them in your mouth and can be used with a partner.

Also available is the Bewitching Massage Candle, which is made of 100% plant based materials and enriched with natural oils, including coconut and sesame oils, known for their regenerating and softening properties. Specially designed to melt, and with the perfume of white tea, Bali flowers and thanaka wood. The YESforLOV candle can also be used as a house fragrance.

The YESforLOV Bewitching Massage Oil has been specifically formulated with a sensual texture which is light and non-greasy and leaves an invisible protective film behind that does not stain clothing or sheets. The Massage oil is composed of oils selected for their softening and moisturizing properties, but also for their invigorating and aphrodisiac benefits.

“Eropartner is our most important distributor in Europe. The close connection with their clients and their knowledge as distributor are true assets to increase our European leadership”, says Christian.