​​The Screaming O takes home 3 Key 2016 XBIZ Awards

​​The Screaming O took home three awards at last week’s 2016 XBIZ Awards, each honoring the company’s approach to branding and promotion. Winner of Marketing Campaign of the Year for the OBob “Battery Operated Boyfriend” massager and Bachelor/Bachelorette Product of the Year for the SnorkelO novelty, The Screaming O is also celebrating Account Executive Conde Aumann’s second consecutive Brand Ambassador of the Year Award.

The Screaming O’s popular OBob massager took top billing for Marketing Campaign of the Year thanks to its promotional support and Barbie doll-inspired packaging, which created a persona that showed consumers just how perfect this Battery Operated Boyfriend can be. This lightweight hand-held massager features a smooth rounded silicone head and adjustable neck connected to a uniquely shaped “body” that combines clever marketing with functionality. Retailers around the world have participated in the campaign using full-size photo booths, colorful displays and graphics, and other customized marketing tools that help create interactive OBob-themed shopping experiences.

The Screaming O’s SnorkelO novelty won Bachelor/Bachelorette Product of the Year thanks to its cheeky take on a snorkel with a vibrator included, allowing for steady air flow and uninterrupted oral sex. This clever novelty made waves during bachelor and bachelorette season for its silly “gag gift” appeal.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized for our marketing prowess and creative development,” Aumann said. “We’re consistently complimented by customers and clients who appreciate our fresh approach, and The Screaming O would like to thank everyone who voted for us in these categories.”

Aumann also took home her second Brand Ambassador of the Year Award, having been honored for her attention and dedication to The Screaming O brand and its core mission. 2015 brought exciting developments regarding materials safety verification and consumer trust, and Aumann has been at the helm ensuring that retailers have the tools and information they need to educate shoppers while promoting The Screaming O’s efforts.

“It’s so exciting to have been named Brand Ambassador of the Year two years in a row,” Aumann said. “I work incredibly hard to represent The Screaming O brand while assuring that our supporters have everything they need to promote sales and make smart buying decisions. Any by the looks of these two awards on my desk, it seems the industry appreciates it!”