SHOTS Zoom Show

After the great success of last year, SHOTS has decided to do a Zoom Show once again. The online event will take place from September 13. Every customer can schedule a meeting with their own account manager and they will tell you all about the new releases.

Of course, SHOTS can’t spill everything already, but they can give a little tip of the iceberg. Some of the best-selling brands of SHOTS have expanded with a new range of products. For example the Le Desir Sexy Calendar; already a huge success in pre-order! Another big one is Vive. The luxurious brand has a whole new collection full of high quality toys with the newest technologies. But this is only the start of it. There’s so much more to expect. 

Just as last year, the SHOTS’s team will make sure attendees won’t miss out on any information and will provide them with the full SHOTS service. They even added some extra’s to make it their customers as convenient as possible: a high-tech digital catalogue. This is full with all the ins and outs of the product, but also 360 degrees views, close-ups of the material and videos.

Even though it’s a Zoom Show, customers can still drop by for meetings in person and see the showroom if they like to. The Zoom Show also comes with different discounts for SHOTS’s customers for own brands and import brands.